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Q: Is it really FREE to list items on ItsMyCarBoot.Com?

A: Yes, we are giving FREE listing on all items.

Q: How do I list my items?

A: Once you've registered as a Member click-on the ADD or MANAGE ITEMS Category and proceed to list your items within their categories.

Q: How can I resize my image so I can upload it onto

A: Try out IrfanView, the software is Free and you can save Groups/Batches of images prior to uploading to

Q: I am unable to upload a picture of my item ?

A: Pictures must be under 1800x1800 pixels and less than 2Mb in size and have the .jpg or .jpeg extension. If you get this problem, try this: (In Windows) select Start/All Programs/Accessories/Paint. Click ‘File/Open’, locate your picture and click load. Select ‘Image’ then ‘Stretch/Skew’. Enter 50% in both the ‘Horizontal’ and ‘Vertical’ boxes and click ‘OK’. Now save the picture (make sure you save it as a JPG or JPEG file) and try to add it to the site again. If you still have problems download the free software IrfanView and save your images for Web use.

Q: The item I want to list is NOT in any categories currently listed?

A: Please inform us via the contact us page and we will add the category if one is not appropriate for your item.

Q: Are there any Sale Fee's?

A: ItsMyCarBoot.Com is a FREE Site to List all items and to Buy any items.

Q: Will my items show up when searching on Google or Yahoo?

A: The Website is being Optimised or more commonly termed as (SEO), Search Engine Optimising by Somerset Website Marketing JS Website Designs, therefore your items will show up on Google, Yahoo and over 100 search engines across the world. Why not check out the search term 'Advertise my Car Boot' or 'List my Car Boot' on Google or Yahoo.

Q: How should I pay for my item?

A: We recommend paying by Paypal, Postal Orders or if direct link to 3rd Party website make sure payments are made via a secure safe website. If in doubt ask for advice.



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